. . . And the Beginning of a New Era

Hello, hello to everyone! FBA is back and working hard on a putting together a great lineup of events for this semester.

Next week, NYU will be hosting Recession Denim's Daniella Siri and opportunity for members and students to get some great denim deals. Check out Daniella's designs HERE.

Also, our very own Erica Eng was just featured in a front page article in the Washington Square News, an NYU publication.

Please come and check out all the great stuff!

Daniella Siri at NYU
Wednesday, February 17
8:30-10 p.m.
Kimmel Center, Room 903


It's the End of an Era

If you haven't heard the news by now, Polaroid is discontinuing its famous film. The sad announcement brought on a wave of nostalgia as I looked through my old pictures. I found buried deep in my computer this picture of FBA's 2006 E-board:

What are runway producers going to do without Polaroids to keep the model order straight? How is Jeremy Kost going to document late-night fashion soirées? So many unanswered questions! Thank goodness FBA stocked up with not one, but two Polaroid cameras and loads of film to document NYU fashion for years to come.


Suri Style

Has little Suri's influence on fashion reached new heights?

Monsieur Lagerfeld sent every one of his girls out on the runway with a severe bob at the Chanel couture show in Paris this morning. Although one unnamed Vogue editrix has sported this style for years, there's nothing like a celebuspawn endorsement to really set a trend on fire.


Oh Marc...

You've done it again. Created the perfect, versatile purse that I just have to have.

The cream color is just the right shade to transition perfectly from summer to winter. Not to mention the adorable hot pink lining adds a playful touch to an otherwise sophisticated staple. I've been coveting this bag for awhile, since I ran across it in the MbM store on Bleecker. While seeing the bag endorsed by Vogue editor Lawren Howell slightly irritated me for fear the bag would catch mass market appeal, I kind of want it even more.


Only six days until my next paycheck...yay or nay? What designer items are you currently coveting?


FRGs in sweats?

The opinions on Mary-Kate and Ashley's styles run the gamut, but I have to admit I'm a fan. The monochrome palate and mix of super sexy + androgynous silhouettes is oh so chic! However, if I had an invitation for front row at Chanel I would not wear my brother's old sweatshirt.
Step it up Ashley. You're at CHANEL.


Do Not Go International

One of the first stores I hit up when I'm home (in good ol' Georgia ya'll!) is always Target. I mean, why is Target the one store without a location on the island of Manhattan? Super cute accessories at extremely low prices; what could be better? Not to mention the huge success of the Go International line that launched a few years back. This holiday season alone I stocked up on lots of frilly Erin Fetherston dresses and scoured the discount racks to find Alice Temperly pieces for $5!

With the Go line on a hiatus for over a month now, I was eagerly awaiting the look book for the Jovovich-Hawk line. It's not everyday that a stylish girl on a college budget can buy brand name pieces without guilt. Which is why I was so disappointed to see the feel for the new line is more Oklahoma-farm-girl than Kate-Moss-hippie-chic. I thought "Bobo" (the bohemian bourgeois style every MKO clone was sporting two years ago) was dead! Seriously, unwashed hair and Grandma's moth-eaten clothes don't look good on anyone! What do you guys think? Will you still take Milla Jovovich's style advice?


Happy New Year!

Welcome back! I hope the first week of school has treated all of you well.

We are all looking forward to a great spring with many exciting speakers, showroom visits, social events, more great editions of our newsletter, and of course, the fashion show. (!!)

So what are your New Years Resolutions, fashion or otherwise? (Yes, I know I'm a little bit late, but hey, I still wish we were on break!) Some of mine are:

1. Eat better, sleep more (ha, like that will happen!), gain some weight (haha I must be the only one to want this!), and do some form of exercise regularly to be more healthy.
2. Control my closet and my spending... So i can stop hanging my closet overflow on my bedposts and different things around my room. (And also so I can stop being broke, lol)
3. Dress better - or at least put more effort into getting dressed more often. =) I am always too tempted to throw on whatever is around as fast as possible, especially in the mornings, which ends up being jeans, boots, a wifebeater (JCrew Favorite Tank, anyone?) and a sweater or blazer)and way too much of my clothing never sees sunlight!

What about you guys? =)