Oh Marc...

You've done it again. Created the perfect, versatile purse that I just have to have.

The cream color is just the right shade to transition perfectly from summer to winter. Not to mention the adorable hot pink lining adds a playful touch to an otherwise sophisticated staple. I've been coveting this bag for awhile, since I ran across it in the MbM store on Bleecker. While seeing the bag endorsed by Vogue editor Lawren Howell slightly irritated me for fear the bag would catch mass market appeal, I kind of want it even more.


Only six days until my next paycheck...yay or nay? What designer items are you currently coveting?


Anonymous said...

I broke down and made this little purchase last weekend.
xx, Cara

Anne KJ said...

The MJ bag is gorgeous! Congrats on the purchase. I've got my eye on another bag - the Alexa bag from Gryson's Spring '08 line in grey - I just can't stop staring at it!

Aleksandra said...
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Nathalie Z said...

Love bag!

If you want follow my blog :)


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