It's the End of an Era

If you haven't heard the news by now, Polaroid is discontinuing its famous film. The sad announcement brought on a wave of nostalgia as I looked through my old pictures. I found buried deep in my computer this picture of FBA's 2006 E-board:

What are runway producers going to do without Polaroids to keep the model order straight? How is Jeremy Kost going to document late-night fashion soirées? So many unanswered questions! Thank goodness FBA stocked up with not one, but two Polaroid cameras and loads of film to document NYU fashion for years to come.


Suri Style

Has little Suri's influence on fashion reached new heights?

Monsieur Lagerfeld sent every one of his girls out on the runway with a severe bob at the Chanel couture show in Paris this morning. Although one unnamed Vogue editrix has sported this style for years, there's nothing like a celebuspawn endorsement to really set a trend on fire.