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Fun at Harrod's (even with empty pockets)

After spending two weeks in London dealing with requisite NYU orientations, awful (albeit free) cafeteria food, and awkward social events, my friend Kate and I made our way to the attraction of all London attractions. No, I'm not talking about Big Ben or Westminster Abbey. I'm talking shopping. At Harrod's. Here's future journalist extraordinaire Kate's view on the world's best department store:

Harrod’s: the iconic home of London’s high fashion shops, dazzlingly beautiful and mind-bogglingly expensive jewelry, and ₤1.50 cheese and onion baguettes the size of my head (and if anything can eat my entire head in the minute amount of time that it took me to choke down that baguette, then God help me). Seeing Harrod’s in countless fashion mags and cheesy tourist photos couldn’t have possibly prepared me for the opulence we saw. While trying to navigate the arrows pointing us towards contemporary wear, we wandered through the couture collections. Just so you know, when oogling couture Dior and YSL in Harrod’s it’s impossible to keep your jaw from hanging open in a ridiculously cartoonish fashion, so don’t even try to restrain yourself – the designers might even take it as a compliment.
There’s just something about Harrod’s (in a completely non-Farrelly brothers kind of way), that makes you feel like Miss High Society London. It doesn’t matter if you can afford to buy anything, and since I can barely manage my cheese and onion baguette, I clearly cannot. Just being around so many amazing coats and shoes and bags and basically everything imaginable gives you a few Cinderella hours where you can be that girl who tosses her credit card around with incredible ease – looking in the mirror with a gorgeous Marc Jacobs coat on, I am SO that girl. And let’s face it; where else is a girl who can only afford Harrod’s baguettes going to be able to freely try on Chanel without getting tasered?

By Kate Thuma


Greetings from the UK!

Hello FBA! You may remember me as your secretary last year. During my hiatus from FBA, I'll be exploring all things British during my semester abroad in London, and this definitely includes fashion! I'll try to keep you posted on streetwear, shopping, and all of my fashion related adventures throughout the semester. Keep checking back and watch for a full report on Harrod's and Topshop's flagship store coming soon!


Kate Spade makes me happy...especially when there is a sale!

I was so happy this morning to receive an email from one of my favorite designers, Kate Spade, informing me that all handbags are 20% off from now until Sunday! The fall collection is super cute, and I love how her bags last forever and don't go out of style. Use the code KSFALL07 at the checkout to take advantage of the discount. Happy Shopping!


Olivia at Peter Som's Spring 2008 Show

Olivia Chantecaille, the cosmetologist and the leader of Chantecaille, was also at the show. And what is she wearing?? Peter Som, of course!

But you wanna know where else that dress had been? Traveling with an intern from midtown to Soho then back to midtown on an N/R/Q/W train.


peter som spring 2008 collection

Peter Som is becoming the new Derek Lam this year, and his Spring 08 collection definitely places him as one of the top designers to pay attention to. "Som's pretty women were both sugar and spice," says Anne Bratskeir of amNY. His runway was filled with models who can do both cute and sultry. To mention a few, Jessica Stam, Coco, Sasha and Chanel were struting the catwalk on Sunday.

So who got the front row seats at Peter Som's show? Try the infamous socialite, Tinsley Mortimer, Maria Sharapova, and Peter's oh-so-adorable parents.


The Launch

Welcome to the FBA blog. This is a place for members and interested parties to share ideas and tips, rant and rave, and generally spread around fashion news (and warnings!). Please feel free to post comments. If you would like to be a posting contributor, please email me at zw269@nyu.edu.

- Zhuoya